Jeremy Monin

I'm an SAP Basis analyst, Linux sysadmin, and open-source developer with aptitude, insight, and enthusiasm for software in large systems. This page is a work in progress.

Current work



As a senior-level SAP Basis analyst, I can design, install, maintain, upgrade and migrate landscapes of this major ERP platform. The architecture is solid and I like the directions it's moving next. I'm familiar with it from the OS, through the DB, up through netweaver and related software.

I also develop real-time system integrations with Tibco BusinessWorks, because there are always business processes outside SAP.

Before I moved "up the stack" to SAP I was a Linux, Unix, and Windows sysadmin, which gave me a good variety of technical challenges and was a big help later for SAP.


Previous projects


I grew up outside Buffalo NY and was always interested in computers, science, and nature. I went to college in nearby Syracuse NY, where I was fortunate enough to be on some very interesting projects and meet some great friends. My first full-time job was in Syracuse, but soon it was time to move on to bigger things and I found a great opportunity back home in Buffalo.

In my spare time I enjoy programming, history, fiction, OpenStreetMap, and complicated boardgames. When it's not winter I bike and run; for me the open road is the perfect place to think creatively about projects and challenges.

There are other Jeremy Monins on the web, of course. I'm not on soundcloud, twitter, pinterest or youtube, but another Jeremy is.

Updated February 2016 - Jeremy D Monin