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I'm 23 years old, an alumnus of S.U., coming to Syracuse from sunny Buffalo, NY. I majored in Architecture and lived with an awesome roommate in a finally decent-sized apartment. (Of course, being Arch. means I'm really living in my studio in Slocum Hall!)

Whoops, did I say Architecture? Long story. I just got my degree in IST, focusing on networking and telecommunications, with a CS degree on the side. I'm now beginning work on my PhD in CS, focusing on systems resiliency and distributed processing. But I still get the occasional urge to sit at a drafting table and spend hours working on a single drawing. Well, not too often.

My main interests are Architecture, science in general, computing and the WWW, running and badminton.

My latest obsession: POVRay, the ultimate freeware ray-tracing program! Now you too can create photorealistic images on your PC, Mac, SGI, ... I also have some related links, and the online gallery of my own work.


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