This page lists new features for Shadowlands Forum, 1.9.6, and 1.9.5.

Shadowlands Forum 1.9.6 -- Just Released

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Capacity and Convenience:

	Supports 60 max users instead of 30.   ( only)

	Authlocal works properly on Linux 2.4 kernels, no more occasional
	fallbacks to asking for username/password.

New User Conveniences:

	If you are about to be marked as away due to idle, you will be
	told you can hit any key to cancel that.  (You can disable this
	if you wish in

	Can hide AWAY:idle users in !showaway and !users via a per-user

	Can hit ESC ESC to exit a whisper and talk to the whole room again.

Topic-related Enhancements:

	The user who set the current topic can change it at any time,
	instead of waiting 2 hours (the standard time, which can be
	changed in slfprefs.h).

	Dynamic topics on/off switch: Topics are compiled in, but disabled
	at startup, by default; use !admin topics on/off to switch from
	within SLForum.  As always, slfprefs.h contains settings you may
	use to override this behavior on your server.  (

	Prevent topic monopolizing -- the "Time until topic change
	allowed" is not reset when topic changes, unless the user setting
	the new topic is different from the last topic.  This prevents
	any user from owning it for more than the standard time.  (

	When topics are off, admins trying a topic-related command will be
	reminded once (hint message) how they can turn topics on.  (

Shadowlands Forum 1.9.5 -- New Features in Previous Stable Version

Virtual Users:

	Forum now supports "virtual users" who have Forum accounts only;
	they are kept in a flat-file database.  Virtual users are no different
	than system users within Forum, and can be forum admins as well.


	Full 8-bit ASCII is now allowed.

	It's now much easier for users to run their own copy of Forum, fully
	administered by them alone, with its own set of preferences, banners,
	and (virtual) users.

	Added an emote (!me) command, with appropriate formatting of its output

	The !set jetlag command lets users display time-related information
	(including alarms they set) using their local timezone.

	Also, you can now hit Ctrl-T to rot13 the input buffer.
	This combines well with Ctrl-N to paste the last public line into
	the input buffer.

	For you IRC addicts, you can now have two command characters via
	!set altcmd /   (or any other character of course); this lets you
	use standard forum ! if you're used to that, and still say /me for

	!roll now handles up to 1600 dice with any number of sides.


	Simple keystroke macros can be recorded and played back.  Macros can
	put text into your input line, execute Forum commands, and call other


	All files related to SLForum are now stored in one directory

	Full interactive admin menus, and one-line admin commands to add,
	change, and delete virtual users

	Command line option to set the admin group (a unix group id number)

	Command line option to set the SLForum home dir

	Command line option to set the banner dir

	Now accepts command line arguments in any order

	!version now displays room uptime

	Maximum number of lines in a banner

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