Shadowlands Forum Administrator Information

Easy to set up and use
Within 5 minutes you can have your chatroom going. Just expand the archive, and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file. Edit the preferences file to meet your tastes, compile, and run.

Anyone who has an account on your server has an account on chat - same username and password. Do you like guests? Not like them? Do you want your chatroom closed to the outside, or do you want anyone to be able to log in? Shadowlands forum provides three levels of security:
  1. no guests, period;
  2. Guests are allowed, but have to be accepted by a user of the server;
  3. Anyone can log on as guest.
And at any time, a user can kick a guest off if he gets annoying. Guests can be allowed (or prevented) from using features such as topics/comments, dice rolling, and using the !spam command.

Got topics?
If you don't want to have a public topic on your chatroom, it's easy to toggle on and off in your slfprefs.h file! You can even edit the number of past topics stored in the program to be viewed at any time. Administrators also control the minimum time before a topic is changed.

Standard File Locations
By default, a Forum running as root will store its settings and preferences in /var/lib/slforum; this can be changed in slfprefs.h. (See slfprefs.h for all file paths.)

Default system messages?
Don't like the programmers' sense of humor? Add your own. All the default system messages are kept together in, so they are easy to edit.

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