Shadowlands Forum Fun Commands

Note: Depending on the your administrator, guests (or even users) may or may not be able to use these functions.

Imaginary Dice
!roll <number of dice> !roll rolls imaginary dice for fun.
    matted> !roll 6
     FORUM: matted rolls 6 dice: 2 6 5 2 2 5 = 22

Topics and Comments
If enabled on your server, users can pose a topic question using !topic <What you want topic to be>. This topic can then be commented on by others using !comment <What you want your comment to be>. This comment will remain fixed until you change it (each user can only have one comment, one line long) or the topic is changed. The last several topics may be viewable using !prevtopic. Topics, once set, cannot be changed for a predetermined amount of time. (Note: Your administrator may choose to disable !topic.)

    jeremy> !topic Woohoo, long weekend!
     FORUM: Topic set at 12:06 by jeremy.  Can be changed in 120 min 0 sec.
     TOPIC: Woohoo, long weekend!
    jeremy> !comment ... and here i am codin' again
     FORUM: comment set at 12:09:
   COMMENT:    jeremy: ... and here i am codin' again

!spam will display an ascii picture for all users of chat to enjoy. It randomly selects an ascii-art banner file and pastes it into the room. (This command may be disabled.) Your administrator may allow anyone to place ascii files into the banners directory, or it may be restricted. (Note that !spam isn't listed on the main help menu.)
   jeremy> !spam
   jeremy:     ____
              (.   \
                \  |
                 \ |___(\--/)
               __/    (  . . )
              "'._.    '-.O.'
                   '-.  \ "|\

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