Shadowlands Forum User and List Related Commands

Communicating with users
Sending messages to the room is the default action. Just type it in and hit return. As you fill a line, it will automatically post it for you.
To talk to an individual, just type !to <username>.
On a line by itself, all future communication will be sent to that user, until you type !to all or !!.
If you need to whisper to a small group of people, after !to <user>, add people using !also <username>.
If you need to send a message to the entire room while in !to mode, simply type !! <message>.
To see who you are currently whispering to, type !printwho.

The list
The !who command will list the users currently logged in, their idle time, and their login time and location:
     FORUM: 3 people here: (27 slots empty)
     USERS: jeremy    AWAY         (login May 23 21:17 from localhost)
     USERS: matted    AWAY   2 min (login May 24 08:52 from localhost)
     USERS: death     idle  19 min (login May 23 22:58 from localhost)

Users who show as being AWAY have typed an away message using !away <message>. You can view everyones away message using !showaway or !users.
To see only people who are at their computer (haven't been idle too long and aren't away), just type !here

Beep a user (to get their attention) by typing !beep <user>. This will either make an audible beep, or tell them "<your name> has beeped you."

Whisper Banning
If there's someone you don't want to talk with, you can prevent them from whispering to you by typing !ban <username>. You can display your current whisper ban list by typing !ban list, and clear it with !ban clear. Your whisper ban list is saved with your other preferences, so you don't need to set it up with each login.

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